No. of Lecture Hours: 30

No. of Practical Hours: 60

No. Tutorial Hours: 10

Marks allocation: Formative Assessment: 20%

                            Summative Assessment: 80%


At the end of the course unit students should be able to,

•Describe the principle and  laboratory procedures of urine and body fluids  analysis
•Describe the patho physiology, laboratory investigation  of the Pediatric Inborn metabolic disorders, calcium metabolism and lipid disorders
•Perform macroscopic and microscopic examination and biochemical analysis of urine and body fluids
•Perform laboratory analysis and interpret the results
•Interpret  the laboratory results and produce reports
•Evaluate the sensitivity, specificity and limitations of laboratory techniques applied in the diagnosis of disease
•Discuss the importance of quality control and assurance to diagnostic work.
•Describe the laboratory analysis of therapeutic and toxic substances